We design high-quality additions and alterations and luxury new homes with distinctive interiors.

The company provides concept designs, design development and documentation for council applications for residential developments both large and small.

Flexibility is paramount in our service and fee guides, as every project and client has different requirements.

The designs are born from an understanding of the site, the style and needs of the client and an in-depth design process utilising the benefits of 3D computer generated modelling. 



We are firmly committed to all sustainable design principles across our projects.

Our design process involves an assessment of the life cycle of the building, where consideration is given to the total environmental impact of each material, through every step of its life (including demolition and recycling).

Minimising the environmental impact of all aspects of the building process is vital, however, the lifecycle of a building and its long term performance is the most important ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) consideration.

Adopting planning strategies that promote good solar access, natural ventilation and excellent thermal properties is integral to our sustainable initiatives, and results in the design and construction of a long term sustainable house that consumes less energy, yet provides healthy and improved living conditions.



Guiding you through the process with a personal one on one approach, we provide confidence in fulfilling your desired development expectation and easing the anxiety that can come from such an important and highly personal project.

 In consultation with our clients at the early stages of the design process, we develop strategies which seamlessly integrate sustainable practices and the latest technologies into the building and landscape in order to deliver innovative design features which are functional and elegant.


The following are sustainability criteria that Site Specific Designs consider on every  project:

Adaptability: A prolonged building lifespan achieved through flexible long-term planning strategies and multifunctional spaces.

Passive Design: Orientation, shading devices, passive heating and cooling using insulation & thermally massive materials.

Material Use: Responsible material selection and sourcing, the efficient use of materials with low embodied energy.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Hydronic heating systems, photovoltaic panels, solar hot water systems, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances & heaters.

Water Use: Water efficient fixtures, rainwater harvesting, & soft landscaping solutions. 


 We believe in great design and architectural ideas, efficient construction systems, holistic sustainable project development and exceptional value for service.  Our ambitions extend beyond the design of buildings and ongoing development of architectural theories. We use evolving computer-aided design and database technologies to streamline the design, construction and project management processes creating time and cost efficiencies well beyond the limitations of traditional practice.